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Natural Flea Killer!

I make ordering your pork easy . I have a list of selected cuts, raped in Freezer Paper and ready for your freezer. If you need a whole pig or a special cut we can arrange it .

We are located just north of Gainesville, Fl. and you can find us at some of the local farmers markets


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Waldo Flea Market

Health Benefits

The health benefits of Diatomaceous Earth are many! Just start by mixing a tablespoon in juice daily! Mix food grade Diatomaceous Earth with your favorite liquid, stir continuously, and drink. It’s that easy! There’s no unpleasant taste. In fact, Diatomaceous Earth is flavorless. So enjoy!
Silica is an essential nutrient and must be supplied continuously from food sources.  Silica is responsible for the depositing of minerals in to the bones, especially calcium. It speeds up the healing of fractures and also reduces scarring at the site of a fracture. More and more research evidence shows that through a transmutation process, silica is turned into calcium when it is needed.

Silica is available in a number of foods, such as wheat, oats and barley. However, it often is depleted from foods due to processing, making supplementation necessary.